Who are BASED Admemes?

Based Poll

  • Terra

  • Chrome

  • Flatgub

  • Dawson

  • Peer

  • Cubetastic

Results are only viewable after voting.


GOAL: Determine which badmins are substantially BASED
  1. You can vote for 2 people out of the 6 who you think are BASED
  2. You must comment with your reasoning for why your choice of fagmins are BASED
  3. Optionally comment anyone else you think is BASED


My picks:
  • Dawson: Powergame every round, Mime mains are BASED as fuck.
  • Flatgub: Made the BASED RCL GUI system.


Confused Cyborg
Community Leader
Flatgub made our Discord icon, forum icon, and actually programs stuff...
Peer set up the forums and is a leet sysadmin...
For that reason they DONT'T get my vote because they put the rest of us to shame!

jks <3
I'm assuming "based" is a bad thing, so I chose Cubetastic and Terra. Cube banned me twice while playing around and also doesn't know what IC in OOC is. Terra is big adminbusser (only sometimes though).