When the crew revolts and self antags

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Byond account and character name: Cooliecan and Annabelle Wilson
Banning admin: (I don't remember the name and there is no Admin Remarks)
Ban type (What are you banned from?): a week role ban from security and command
Ban reason and length: Used lethals and executed crew who attacked my character who was the captain of the round
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 10:00 17/10/2020 (Time zone in Melbourne VIC (GMT+11))
Your side of the story:
I start the round to the captain's office being broke in almost immediately, I attempt to remove the offending mime non lethally, but are now trapped within the confines of behind the captain's desk due to the mimes broken ability of being able to create invincible, seemingly endless supply of invisible walls which stop the stun and lethal rounds from hitting them, which forces me to use lethal rounds to discourage them from breaking into the office as the mime could just keep hiding behind their invisible, invincible wall to recover from the non lethal lasers, at this time the firefight has been going on for so long, other crew have now trespassed into the hacked open captain's office while I continue to scream for security to help, security is just standing around in the brig talking to each other doing absolutely nothing.

I dissuade the mime from breaking in by knocking them down with lethals, only to have them dragged away by the clown, healed and then they came back in before the invisible wall has fallen. This firefight has now for some reason sparked a mutiny amongst the crew as they continue to shove over my character and steal weapons from them. And when I attempted to use non lethals in a attempt to subdue the thieves, my character is then ganged on shoved over and their items stolen. At this stage they have been given multiple warnings to return the captains rifle and sabre, yet continue to be on the offensive.

The mime seemingly has it out for my character at this point as they continue to stalk and harass them, multiple crew members have sided with the mime pushing the captain over and stealing their items and harming them with lethal weapons such as the captain's sabre.

I even had doctor chase down the captain and lethally shock them with a hacked defib unit.

with no security to help, and no mass crowd control like flashbangs on hand due to not having enough space to carry enough of them them I was forced to use lethals on the offending crew or risk being attacked myself by crew who had no reason to be attacking my character.

And all of this happened because the mime has the broken ability of creating invincible, invisible walls and broke into the captain's office at the start of the round.

I honestly did not want the round to turn out the way that it did, I even tried warning crew members multiple times to stop attacking the captain. And it did not help that many of the crew were saying the mime was a changeling over the radio.

Why you think you should be unbanned:
I honestly don't mind if I'm not unbanned, but I just don't think the situation was handled well as there was not much investigation into why the crew started attacking the captain, and the captain was forced into the situation they were in, were the mime, seemingly resurrected infront of the captain making it seem like they were a changeling, and was making it their personal vendetta to hunt the captain down.

This was also among actual traitors who had made it their own personal objective (not their actual objective) to hunt my character down, one which I fell to because I was distracted by responding to the admin reports.

I only ever acted on the defensive, or in the matter of retrieving lethal weapons from the crew who were largely on the offensive. Maybe if they admin helped to start a proper revolution it would have made sense as apposed to the crew self antagging themselves, something I see frequently coming from the mime called Thief.

And I would largely like to hear what the proper method of handling a crew uprising is, when security is completely useless, and non lethal take downs just lead crew to be dragged to medical bay, fixed and back to assaulting your player? Because this level of shitfuckery seems to be a regular occurrence whenever I play security or captain.

I think a lot of the crew just have personal vendettas against security or the captain, I honestly try my best to abide by space law and aid the crew whenever I can.

If unbanned I will create a new character, to stop the personal vendettas that seemingly play out between rounds, this was not a case of muderboning but instead being forced into multiple uncomfortable life threatening situations.

I admit a couple of times I let paranoia get the better of me, but it was not unwarranted.
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If the mime was named “Theif” it was Dawson who admits to metagrudging we seen above by Jelly, If so please just a simple yes to this comment will do.
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