Vladimir Schutz being an ass


Community Mod
My CKey : Ohagi-Chan
My Character : Holly Hiss

Their CKey : Vladimir Schutz
Their Character : Wallrunner

Round 4556

What Happened
Wallrunner was dragged into medbay to be cloned. After they were cloned, a fellow doctor asked me to patch them up as the clone was produced missing some limbs.
I prepared them for surgery but noticed that they were suffocating and immediately understood that they had no lungs. I had to keep putting Wallrunner into cryo for about 2 minutes while I removed the lungs from a genetics monkey.
After thelungs were inserted I proceeded to replace two of their limbs with prosthetics, but failed to notice that they had no eyes either and contiued to work on other patients who needed debrain prepping for cloning and TW+ defib.
About 10 minutes later Wallrunner comes back and starts interfering with my work, attacking me and taking my tools. As they are a mime, someone else has to explain that they don't have eyes, but I am far too busy to help them and there are at least 3 other staff in medbay they could get the attention of, so I tell them that I am too busy.
Wallrunner immediately attacks me with the intent to kill and then prevents medbay from recovering my body, leaving me to die in the robotics lab so that I will be borged or some shit.

Totally uncalled for and pretty dickish, considering how much time I'd already devoted to helping them.
After the round, they admonished me for not making time to put eyes into them when I was too busy TW+defibbing another player who had not left the game yet.

B Chunder

HA! i remember this he just would not chill long enough for me to fix his eyes he wanted you dead, i was a paramedic that was trying to stop him from killing you and causing the 3 people that you were working on to not be revived, i did come in late round so i cant be sure of what happend to him beforehand.