Username "Eins" - Self Antaging.

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Your Byond name: GothicMonkey
Your character name: Chelsea CrungleBungle
Their Byond name (if known): Eins
Their character name: Tyrael Rolland / Bogan Reefly
Time and date: 2019-11-03 17:58:01 / 2019-11-04 21:54:11
Round ID: 2337 / 2349
Logs and/or screenshots: Went digging in the logs. Here you go.
Round 2337

Round 2349

Description of the events that occurred: For the first event. I was the first to be murdered, and by him. I was in genetics alone and he comes in with a syringe gun, and shoots me with it. I asked why and was about to shout that he had shot me but turns out he shot me with morphine/something to get me to sleep. He comes back and throws a chem nade igniting the entire room, destroying all of my equipment and husking me. At the time i hadn't reported it because it seemed far too targeted to be a random kill. I did put in an ahelp for this at round end though.

The second incident i did not die, thanks to bystanders, but this affected several people. It was near round end, and i was an antag, me and my bloodbrother had finished our objectives and were waiting for the shuttle. I was just conversing with other members of the crew when i see that someone has thrown a chem nade. One that incinerated most of the room. I nearly died to this had it not been for my blood brother and another brave soul. I am unsure if he killed others, but there were a lot of people affected by this incident. Again, i didn't ahelp it as it seemed like a targeted attack. I waited till round end, and moments later realised that he was not an antag and had just naded depatures for the hell of it. So i went onto the statbus and found it was the same person, using the same tactics.

Why you believe they should be punished: This seems like it might be a re-occuring thing with this individual, the first time he basically ruined my round as a geneticist. And the second time he nearly ruined my green text, he did not know i was an antag. Nobody knew. Without some form of punishment i feel he may continue to ruin rounds for others.
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Sorry it took so long to get around to you. It's been a busy time of the year for me in my dayjob. The player in question was permanently banned in the round you linked logs for. I think we can call this closed.
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