User Complaint Rules

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--- User Complaint Rules ---
  1. Do not reply to a user complaint if you are not a staff member or directly involved in the incident.
  2. User the template below or your complaint will be dismissed.
  3. No spam, memes, images (excluding logs/screenshots) - limit your content to only include what is relevant.
  4. Try to keep your complaint clear, concise, detailed and factual.
  5. You must name your thread in the format
    Name of player(s) - Rule Broken
When posting a user complaint, please use the following template:

Your Byond name:
Your character name:
Their Byond name (if known):
Their character name:
Time and date:
Round ID:
<optionally link to the Statbus>
Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of the events that occurred:
Why you believe they should be punished:

If this template is not followed, your complaint WILL be rejected and you WILL be mocked!
Not open for further replies.