The Orphane Snatcher/(Bruce Chunder) - 0. Don't be a dick, plasma flooding his master

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Wow, I have to actually make this. Feels fucking rude to be pointing fingers but the lad couldn't do it in a round...

Your Byond name: Coolsurf6
Your character name: Lemmy-The-Lemurian
Their Byond name (if known):
The Orphane Snatcher
Their character name:
Bruce Chunder
Time and date:
10pm 1/09/2020
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots:

First offense, Central hallway next to botany. Came out of maintance and immediately opened a plasma canister in my face. I was typing out the message "No plasma" literally as he opened it. He was vasselised to me at the time and knew it.

Second offense, the time he actually killed me. Came into medbay and killed me and another ally by plasma flooding. It set alight killing me in the process.

Description of the events that occurred:
I was given antag 3 times in a row by the game. I had dealt with a fucking spicy round last time to the meteor to the face so I was not in the mood for another traitor boi run. I instead opted to ask for a hivemind antag that isn't well used and I have been it before. I don't want to be too powerful and usualyl like to chill and have fun rather than just have all me pawns kill security. During the round I had gotten to the point of havign 20 vassels and had waited a while. I decided to use the One Mind ability since I never did it before on austation (at least not for a VERY long time, probably all the way back on the old austation).

After some time I recruited him in north central hallway, and went on my way.

The first offense, he had came up from maintaince and released plasma RIGHT into my face. It didn't ignite and I had a royal yell at him as he pussied out and ran.

The second time he did it to me and another epic gamer vassel. Bottom of medbay near the morgue, opened it in our faces and this time it ignited killing me in a matter of seconds. I cried helplessly for help even ahelped (cant see in the log) and yelled in msay as I was really fucking panicking that he did it. I never gave context so other mentors wouldn't really understand but I hoped to god the admins would have seen it and ahealed or stopped the damage before I lost over 25+ players.

Why you believe they should be punished:

Not only did it ruin my legitament antag round, but it ruined 25 other people who were vasselised. I was told Admins would never give out compensation for anything that isn't admin related, but they did force the shuttle to not arrive and called in ERT. Say what you will. An antag ban and server ban and since admins did influence the round by forcing the shuttle to be delayed, I want compensation with an antag token. Kinda feels shitty to ask but the admin did mention he only gives it out if admins fucked with the round.

I hate making a fourm post just to call him out, the admins did nothing and just told me it was the only way. But hey I got to do some log diving which I find quite fun.


Game Master
you're probably not going to get an antag token out of this, just saying.
as I wasn't involved in the round (beyond making you the hivemind), I'll let one of the other admins take this

B Chunder

well i do know what happend, first off i was already an antag, second my number one goal was hijack the ship with no loyalist on it and i did double check my goals to make sure your goals did not overrule mine, they did not your goals came secondary to mine, thirdly i did state this fact at the time. i would like to say i'm sorry about ruining it for you but i was just following my goals at the time.

Dancefloor Degrader

Game Admin
As the admin in charge of the round, I'd consulted the other admins on whether a traitor's objectives overruled those of a hivemind vessel or vice versa, the answer was a resounding "maybe". Now there are no /tg/ headmin rulings on the issue of conflicting objectives so I'll leave it within the freedom & common sense of a multiple antag to decide which set of objectives they wish to pursue.

I don't believe bruce is in the wrong here - they were a legitimate roundstart traitor with the hijack objective whereas the hivemind host was admin-created. Adding to that, I don't plan on giving out an admin token for a round in which you had specifically requested an antag change.
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