Terra Guesswho2778

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Byond account and character name: guesswho2778 Mikael Cadwell
Banning admin: Terra
Ban type (What are you banned from?):
The discord server
Ban reason and length:
i sent terra a rather horrible picture, permanent
Time ban was placed (including time zone):
the 15th of november, 12:57am ACST
Your side of the story:
it was late, i was in the voice chat on austation with a few other people, im pretty sure we were watching zombie add in facehuggers to the lavaland loot chests, when mace mentioned that he had found a "cursed" picture and mentioned jokingly that he wanted to send it to terra, but would probably get banned. so i, without thinking at all, said i would do it, mace called me insane (or said something like that) while laughing, and i quickly copied the picture that he had sent me, and sent it to terra.
Why you think you should be unbanned:
I am truly sorry terra, that photo is quite disturbing, and i shouldnt have sent it to you.
I regret loosing what little trust i had left.
I know this is my problem, not yours, but austation was the only place where i could chat, laugh and have fun with people that were somewhat like me.
the last week has certainly not been the same without it.
and i am sorry that it took 9 days for me to do this, but i thought maybe i should get off discord and go outside, then it was announced that we were going back into lockdown, and i felt like shit for the next few days.
Not open for further replies.