slothchan - P.L.A.S.M.A - Killing non-humans for little to no provocation

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Melvyn bailey

Shaft Miner
Your Byond name: bailex
Your character name: H.A-69
Their Byond name (if known): slothchan
Their character name P.L.A.S.M.A
Time and date: 09/02/2020
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots: (I cant get logs)
Description of the events that occurred: My character H.A was a brig physician, P.L.A.S.M.A was a Peacekeeper borg. What had happened was the warden had noticed that the nuke disk was not secure obviously because having a missing nuke disk is quite extreme i tried my hardest to find it, the borg however was trying his hardest to murder me, Via door shocking he didn't tell me he was trying to murder me he didn't even tell me i was a threat to humans, he just shocked doors in an attempt to assassinate me, i realized what he was doing but i thought "Must be someone trying to break in" so i took the hand teleporter and teleported out, he followed me into the gateway room where he shocked the door and pushed me into it after trying to get him to open it for me he then left me there to die not telling anyone about what happened.
Why you believe they should be punished: They killed a non-human for no reason other than "wants nuke disk must be bad" as a security officer... P.L.A.S.M.A has also expressed an extreme desire to Plasma flood the station and purge all the non-humans, even when given Crewsimov laws he still expresses the desire to kill non-humans, they at least deserve a slap on the wrist for their actions as it can and has ruined the round for people. (i also suspect meta grudge as he had suicide bombed me earlier for "Being a filthy non-human" and failed)
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Logs have been reviewed and I have been able to confirm your recount. Necessary action will be taken. Thanks for your report!


For reference, after analyzing the logs the breakdown I created goes like this:
Bailex vs SlothChan:
ICK OCKed regarding Bailex playing JoJo in medical
Stunned sec officer and took baton for playing JoJo music in medical
Bailex arrests and brigs SlothChan for taking their baton
SlothChan roleplays a racist dipshit who hates sec
SlothChan tried to attack Bailex while being released from the Brig
0x001 crits SlothChan with a plant after it was accidentally thrown at them
SlothChan blew a grenade with potas/water in genetics gibbing themself (1,2,4 explosion), potentially attempting to kill Bailex (Note: confirmed via adminhelp logs)
Bailex clones SlothChan
Stuns and cuffs them
SlothChan ghosts (cring)
Bailex spaces their body
Bailex ahelps regarding the matter
SlothChan rejoins as posibrain
Gets borged
SlothChan soon finds and attempts to flash Bailex (fails)
Bailex flashes SlothChan stunning them
SlothChan argues that Bailex flashing them as a non-human is human harm (wut???)
SlothChan asks roboticist for combat gear to take out Bailex
SlothChan shocks brig doors
Bailex and SlothChan have another flash altercation
More door shocking
Bailex attempts to secure the nuke disk
Shocking doors in cap's office
SlothChan kills Bailex with shocked doors near bridge
SlothChan killed by Lone Operative
Bailex ahelps again
Bailex cloned
SlothChan becomes xeno
Nothing else eventful this round
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