Slimy McGee's PermaBan appeal


Byond account and character name: MerryMoose, Slimy McGee
Banning admin: TheFakeElon
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Connecting
Ban reason and length: Banned permanently for kidnapping and surgically removing tails of a lizard and a felinid
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 2020-10-20 18:41:21

Your side of the story: I kidnapped and removed the tails of one lizard and one cat, neither of which i remember the names of, to make Lizard Wine and Cat o' Nine Tails. Shot them with morphine, dragged them into maint surgery, then left them alone. Shot lizard with Pax when he tried to fight me for revenge and roughed him up a bit with the whip, but ultimately left him alone. Elon then turned me into a cluwne, i ran around, got killed by chaplain, and so, left the server. It had been a good few minutes since the last boink so i assumed Elon had nothing left to say.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Tails only provide an incredibly trivial gameplay impact, and being kidnapped in space station is pretty par for the course, even by non-antags. Far worse greifing happens to more victims regularly and gets punished often only lightly, if at all. I'm happy to take a ban, i broke the rules, but a permanent one feels unfair, especially considering that the greifing that I did was incredibly minor when you compare it to if i had just outright murdered them for no reason, or the valid poor reason of them being a non-human.


Shaft Miner
Game Master
You refused to acknowledge what you did was wrong during the ticket, you argued that you were "just roleplaying a racist". You were taunting, showing zero respect throughout the whole ticket until you disconnected while I was explaining for the final time why roleplay isn't an excuse for griefing.

You continue to show little to almost no remorse for anything. I wouldn't usually perma ban for something like this but I think it's fair to say your conduct justifies it. tbh, I was expecting this appeal to be an apology not a justification for griefing because "there are worse griefers than me".

It's also worth mentioning that the first time I told you that you can't race grief as a gimmick.


Alright, it's been about a month and a half, I'm reflecting on my ban and looking at the evidence you provided, and I admit, I was being a huge jackass. I shouldn't have gone and greifed like that as non-antag, and then also not taken the boink seriously. I was being salty and disrespectful during the boink, and subsequently during my appeal. I'd like to apologise, and request that my ban be reduced.