Shitcurity - Feldup McPocken

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Your Byond name: Daikyu
Your character name: Bruce the Butcher
Their Byond name (if known):
Their character name:
Feldup McPocken
Time and date:
1930 19/07/19 AEST
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots:


A security shitter batons himself and I take his baton to return to the brig

Excessive use of force to take me in. I wasn't resisting, in fact I was unarmed, all I had done was thrown a baton on the ground.

Screencap saving the sentence he decided to hand down
I've repeatedly had issues with the way this player plays sec, but this one pushed it to the point where I needed to post on the forums.
This player needs to revise space law, big time. Lets go through what happened.
was playing the mime, and ran into a security officer (Alexis Owen) who was being a bit of a shitter. I annoyed them by stopping them from moving by tile swapping them with myself using the help intent. After doing this for a few seconds, they stun batoned themselves in an attempt to hit me. I confiscated his baton and left.
Shortly after, I went to the brig to hand in the baton to the HoS. Feldup saw me throw the baton on the floor. I was then shot multiple times, cuffed, then put in the brig for five minutes for 'assaulting an officer'. I was bucklecuffed in my cell (no no), and after about four minutes I resisted and took my cuffs off. I was then flashed numerous times, re-cuffed and had my timer reset. That's when I decided to start this complaint. As I am writing this, he (or somebody), has returned and reset my timer for a third time, despite me having been sitting here writing this appeal and not resisting in any way. I was later released after around twenty minutes when he returned and stated "You may fuck off now I'm busy with lots of traitors". I had none of my possessions returned to me and I was forced to wander the brig naked for another great length of time before I climbed in disposals to finally get out. You could say I was brigged for theft, but he descriptively said himself 'Assault of an officer' (see logs), where the admin logs would suggest I didn't lay a single finger on any player the entire round. During my stay in detention for seemingly nothing, I watched other prisoners be brought in and stripped, being left bleeding in their cells.
In other incidents, he has harm lasered people for having insuls, thrown people in cells without timers, harm batoned freely, executed players in maintenance he couldn't be bothered to brig and overall been an apex shitcurity officer.
I've ahelped about this too many times for no response or for nothing to happen. This is going on the forums.

Why you believe they should be punished:

This has happened too many times, and surely to other players as well. His actions need to be pondered comprehensively and potentially action should be taken.


I can confirm Bruce is a known shitcurity player, but not to the point where it is punishable, but we'll certainly keep an eye on this.

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