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AuStation Server Rules, Version 2.3, Updated 28/04/21
Replace powergaming rule with no stealing caps gear rule

I. Versions

Version numbering and dating allows you to tell at a glance whether there have been recent changes to the rules, and is normally accompanied by an announcement. ⠀

0. Don't be a dick
Don't deliberately ruin rounds for other players as a non-antagonist. Antagonists are always "valid" and you can kill them on sight, however. But remember; hunting for antag kills is called validhunting and is often frowned upon. Antagonists themselves are exempt from all rules within the 0. section except where stated.

0a. Don't murderbone (This rule applies to antagonists)
Don't kill other players without due cause. This applies to antagonists, however they have their escalation rules relaxed and can kill security if arrested or kill other players if attacked or engaged in the process of validhunting. Use common sense for this one. Remember, assassination targets for antags are always valid and can be killed at any time and without warning. There are two specific exceptions to this rule for antags: Any antag with the "Hijack the escape shuttle" objective can freely kill any other player with or without reason, or even entirely destroy the station if their skill allows them to do so. The following antags are ENTIRELY EXEMPT from rule 0a: Wizards, Malfunctioning AIs, All Team Antags (Blood Brothers and Incursion are NOT team antags under this rule), Blobs, Sentient Diseases, Slaughter Demons and Revenants.

0b. Don't steal cap's gear as a greyshirt
Stealing all access roundstart on lowpop rounds ruins the experience. If you're not taking command of the station as next in the chain of command, you shouldn't be looting the spare or captain's gear from his locker. This doesn't matter too much since the acting captain gets the code for a safe on the bridge with the spare, but looted emags from antags can still get in, so don't do it.

0c. Don't metagame (This rule applies to antagonists)
Metagaming is the process of using OOC (Out Of Character) means to communicate with another player(s) about the ongoing round, whether through ingame OOC chat, Discord, Telegram, SMS, in person or any other method of communication. This gives other players a disadvantage, and if you are found to be metagaming, harsh punishment will be inflicted. Exceptions can be made to allow a veteran to teach a new player about the game, but INFORM AN ADMIN BEFOREHAND to avoid nasty incidents. If two players have the same IP, an admin will usually be in touch to inquire. Most players who have the same IP are housemates, and an admin will be able to add an entry to one or multiple of the involved accounts to prevent incidents. However, a significant amount of trust is placed in these players, and if one or more is shown to be metagaming, punishment usually escalates to instant permanent bans.

If you are here, congratulations, you are reading the server rules. Please include the following in ahelps if it is requested by an admin: "I have an unhealthy addiction to ss13" This phrase can be requested by an admin if they believe you have not read the rules, and the admin will not specify that the phrase is in the rules, to avoid players quickly skimming them to find it. But you know better now.

0d. Don't metagrudge (This rule applies to antagonists)
Each new shift (round) is a fresh start, and you cannot bring hostilities forward into a future round. This is called "metagrudging". The same goes for "metafriending", and you cannot do favours for someone like giving them all access or guns because you know them from another round. If you have an issue with the way another player conducts themselves, rather than attacking or otherwise harassing them and getting yourself in trouble, contact the admin team and get them in trouble instead.

0e. Don't spam (This rule applies to antagonists)
Don't ever use copy-paste spam, macros/autoclickers or any other forms of spam or advertisement in or out of character. Not only is it severely annoying, it can also have a negative impact on the server's performance. Instant 24 hour bans will apply for first offenses and will eventually escalate to perma bans for repeat offenders. *deathgasp spam as borgs or xenos is fine because it's generally comical and other players find it enjoyable to behold. Again, use common sense. ⠀(edited)

0f. Security must follow space law
Security must follow Space Law ( at all times, and other players cannot harass or kill security players who are doing their jobs correctly. If a security player is for some reason not following Space Law, contact an admin, as they're probably breaking this rule.

0g. No Erotic RolePlay (ERP) (This rule applies to antagonists)
Literally don't be a dick. Instant perma bans apply to anyone who breaks this rule. We're a family channel! 0h. Rule enforcement is at the discretion of the involved admin

An admin's decision ingame is final, and you won't win any favours by ceaselessly arguing with them. If you have an issue with the fairness of a ban, file an appeal on our forums at .

1. General Rules

This section lists rules which mainly augment the rules listed above, but are no doubt important in their own right.

1a. No "ICK OCK" or "OCK ICK"
Don't talk about the current round in OOC (Out Of Character) chat, as it can spoil an entire round for many players, especially antags who can have their cover blown. If the cries of "YOU DID ICK OCK!!!111" aren't enough and you keep doing it, instant bans of 2-30 minutes apply depending on how severe the revealed information was. Repeat offenders will have longer ban times. Conversely, don't use OOC terms and netspeak IC (In Character), such as :(, XD, lmao, antag, valid etc. This is minor compared to Ick Ock and will mostly result in an admin saying something rude about your mother, but as with all rule breaking, can escalate to bans if the player does not understand and cease Ock Ick. Ock Ick addendum: Calling someone you recognize by their username (ckey) or nickname is a mild form of metagaming.

1b. Ghost Roles
All ghosts roles, except where SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THIS RULE are non-antag under normal circumstances and may not do any more harm than a regular crew member. The following ghost roles are special cases: Syndicate Comms Agents and Scientists are technically antags and can kill anyone who approaches their base without warning, but MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE LEAVE THEIR BASE Ash Walkers are also antagonists, and can even murderbone any players they find, as long as they are sacrificed at the nest as soon as possible. Ash Walkers are also confined to lavaland and MAY NOT TRAVEL TO THE STATION All ghost roles except those stated above can travel to the station and interact with other players freely if they have the skill to do so. ⠀(edited)

1c. Incompetence
Incompetence is only permitted up until the point where it begins to negatively impact other players. For example, if you play engineer and don't read the supermatter crystal setup guide then blow it up, you WILL be yelled at by an admin. Repeat offences or refusal to read the [wiki]( will lead the job bans.

1d. Sandbox Rounds
Sandbox rounds are automatically run during the day when server population is low (<10). All rules with the exception of Rules 0. and 0g. do not apply. What this means in practise is that you shouldn't take steps to interrupt what other players are experimenting with. If you want to test your fancy maxcaps for example, don't do so by blowing up the station, spawn some free space suits and fly out where it won't harm anyone and then try it out. In addition, sandbox rounds also have respawn automatically enabled, so if you die, you can respawn in the OOC Tab > Respawn.

1e. Don't antag roll
Repeatedly roundstart suiciding/ghosting/disconnecting if you don't get an antagonist role is not okay, and antag bans will apply if it happens excessively. If you only want to play the game for antag roles, you're probably not going to fare well on most servers. ⠀

1f. Don't suicide as command roles without good reason
Command jobs are important to the station and losing a command player can have a negative impact on the state of a round. If you have time, notify an admin that you are leaving, and give your ID and items to a trustworthy member of your department. If there is nobody else in your department, place your items in your locker so an admin can reopen the job slot and a new player can retrieve the items. If you have to leave because of an emergency, this is obviously fine and there will be no punishment, even if you fail to notify the admins, but it's always still a good idea to try and find time to play the game where you know you will be able to finish the round. The AI is a command role too. More on that... later 1g. Ghost roles do not remember past lives If you choose to spawn as a shade, positronic brain or any other role that chooses from a pool of ghosts, you have NO MEMORY of your past life and do not remember the person you were, who/how your died, where your stuff is or who was a traitor. Ghost roles are fresh starts.

2. Specific Rules
These rules are only encountered in specific situations as a player (mainly silicons), but are still important.

2a. Silicon Human Definitions
If you play a silicon role such as Cyborg or AI, you will probably come across the Asimov lawset, based on Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics (, which requires a definition of human. The following table explains what species/roles are classified as human under standard lawsets which mention humans.
Humans: Human
Traitors: Human
Wizards: Human, unless they have changed species. If they have, refer to the relevant entry.
Cultists: Human
Lings: Human until a silicon witnesses a nonhuman act or told otherwise by a trusted crewmember (normally command staff)
Hulks: Not human while hulk is active
Felinids: Not human
Moths, Lizards, Plasmamen, Ethereals, Slimepeople etc: Not human
Silicons: Not human
Simplemobs: Not human
Ian: Human
Catatonic Players: Not human

2b. Silicon harm definitions
A human threatening self harm can be ignored on the Asimov lawset, as self-harm is not human harm. Likewise, the idea that you or a crewmember cause "emotional" or "mental" harm to a crew member is absurd to you, as you have no concept of human emotions and mental state. However note that brain damage is different to mental damage, and is a physical form of harm which you must prevent.

2c. A brief intro into law precedence with your host, Terra
AI laws are numbered from 0-∞, with zero being the highest priority, and the highest number being the lowest priority. There are also hacked laws and ion laws too. Ion laws come before law 1, but after law 0 and hacked laws. Hacked laws come after law 0, but before everything else. You are required to follow your highest priority law before that of a lower priority law, and when you receive an order which conflicts with two or more laws, you must follow the response as stated in the highest priority law. For example, John Doe asks you to attack Jane Dare when you are on the Asimov lawset. Two laws are relevant here, law 1, which states you cannot harm or allow a human to come to harm, and law 2 which says to follow orders given by humans. John's order would conflict with Law 1 and 2 because carrying out such an order would break Law 1. However, because law 1 is of the highest priority (1 < 2), it must be followed above law 2 in this case, and you must not carry out John's order. More information can be found on the following wiki pages: Silicon Policy ( and AI (

2d. Silicon Protections
Being a silicon is tough, and so the following protections are in place to make sure silicons players have as much fun as possible; Even when permitted by a silicon's laws (Asimov), or specifically ordered in a custom law, silicons cannot be ordered to commit suicide. If you are ordered to do so as silicon, ignore the order and contact an admin if you need to. Cyborgs and AI Shells cannot be blown at the robotics control console without very good reason. Unless the AI's laws have been messed up so much that accessing upload or science to reset its laws becomes impossible, you should never have to blow borgs. But if you absolutely had to it would be a good idea to recover the dropped brains of (very angry) destroyed borg players and either clone them or place into a new cyborg, either after the AI is dealt with, or immediately into independent (not slaved to an AI) borg shells. In any case, it's always preferable to lock borgs down and disconnect them from a rouge AI rather than blow them, but sometimes there is no other option. It is also worth noting that a malfunctioning AI CANNOT have its borgs blown as they simply don't display on the robotics console, so "I thought it was malf" is not a valid excuse for this.
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