RainbowStache - Ben Kirby - Escalating to murder

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Game Admin
Your Byond name: Mick1299
Your character name: Casey Mothwards
Their Byond name (if known): RainbowStache
Their character name: Ben Kirby
Time and date: 30/11/2019 17:40
Round ID: 2586
Logs and/or screenshots:

Description of the events that occurred:

Noggin Clontith, aka Vinny Waldron the QM, used a considerable amount of monkey cubes in bluespace body bags to monkey bomb the station. During the chaos, I pranked RainbowStache, aka Ben Kirby the Captain, by sticking them in a bluespace body bag, and then folding them up into a box in my bag. Less than 30 seconds later they broke out and I deemed the prank at an end and went about my shift.

A few minutes later, while the crew was fighting a massive monkey brawl, I walked in on RainbowStache killing Noggin in medbay for some unknown reason. The only reason I could conceive for the violent takedown was the monkey bombs, a prank that deserved a little brig time, not death. So I slipped Noggin a dose of survival medipen to let them get away, then left medbay.

Two minutes later, RainbowStache came at me with his officers sabre drawn, and started attacking me, no attempt at a non-violent taken down or negotiation. So I fought back in self defence, and managed to wound them but I let them leave instead of critting them. Following them to the bridge to try and work out why they had attacked me, they began attacking again. After cutting off one of my arms, I pulled out a security rifle and shot them a few times, this caused the other staff on the bridge to jump to their defence and kill me. They then looted my body, and left me on the bridge, not even bothering to take the body to med.

Why you believe they should be punished:

Captains set the standards for what is expected of the crew. If this is what a captain is allowed to do, then anyone would be allowed to murder over slight annoyances. As for direct rules, they REALLY broke 0a by killing Noggin for monkey bombing, and me for intervening on said murder. They also broke 1c If a captain can't defuse a situation without a sword, then they're incompetent. Finally, If you agree that most of the time captains are effectively security, then they broke 0f.
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Mr Lostman

RainbowStache as the Captain also attacked me as the CE for opening a door pannel to the bridge. The pannel was opened straight infront of him so its not like he ran into someone around a corner and wordlessly began to tele baton me and throw me in the brig while I offered no resistance.


Since this report comes from an admin, and that action is currently being taken against the accused, I'll close this
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