Rainbowstache/Ben Kirb Over-esculation

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Melvyn bailey

Shaft Miner
Your Byond name: Bailex
Your character name: Saki Meowshida
Their Byond name (if known): Rainbowstache
Their character name: Ben Kirb
Time and date:
23/05/2020 3:48 PM SA time
Round ID: Logs and/or screenshots: Me making no attempt to fight back83
Removing my ears after no proof is found of illegal activity
Determines my innocence and instead of fixing his mistake throws me out of brig
Description of the events that occurred:
I saki meowshida went to the HOP at the start of the round to get promoted to RD. Nothing comes of it and i get my promotion. Ben kirb arives on station and the AI calls me out on the access, fair enough. Instead of talking out the situation he flashes and cuffs me, then drags me to the brig to strip me down fully along the way saying how he doesnt care that i may be innocent and that he is doing this because im a catgirl. he determines that i am innocent and throws me out of the brig, instead of apologising or replacing the ears and tail he takes them and hides them in his locker, which i recovered because subdermal ID nanites.
Why you believe they should be punished:
They broke rule 0, they were incredibly unprofessional as a head of staff and acted like a 12 year old when i said i had proof by denying my right to prove innocence. Ben kirb is a known valid hunter who jumps at the opportunity to ruin the round for others without getting the *bwionk*, the only reason i didn't ahelp this earlier was because i didn't have the mental fortitude to withstand going through them at the time.
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Thanks for your report, I've heard from other players and server admins that Ben has a tendency to call "valid" for ambiguous and innocent reasons. I'll investigate this when I have time.


I have finished my investigation.
My conclusions are below.
While Bailex did violate the non-human heads restriction, which gives silicons a lot of leeway with treatment,
and certainly allows for a demotion to be carried out, RainbowStache acted incredibly innapropriately,
using very harsh language and refusing to listen or attempt to resolve the situation,
which escalated to griefing when RainbowStache surgically removed Bailex's ears and tail,
and (allegedly, this is not in the logs) hid their clothes and cat organs in the RD's locker.
Also RainbowStache later commited suicide as a head without notifying the admins,
stowing their items or using a cryofreezer.
I will be applying a permanent Heads of Staff and Security ban to RainbowStache, as I regularly receive complaints about their conduct in positions of power, and this really makes it obvious.

This complaint is resolved. I will lock the thread shortly.
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