Osmund Hoenshell - Massive hassle towards command staff and security for no good reason


Hi, I'd like to make a small report about Osmund Hoenshell (CKey is capedcandle I believe, according to statbus).

This guy is an absolute asshole. I've had several incidents of him commiting antagonistic behaviours as a non antagonist. Most of the time he WILL flat out deny it, but I garantee this guy has a problem.

A few incidents include:
- I went SSD within the dormitories yesterday as the warden (I had to get dinner). When I came back, Osmund had murdered me for absolutely no reason. Even if he was a traitor, killing an SSD guy is a dick move. (https://stats.austation.net/deaths/39292)
- Today, he was shoving and knocking me down during a time when a captain doppelgänger was on the loose, in an attempt to take my stuff for his own uses. He also attempted, consistently, to get into engineering for no reason other than being a pain in the ass. (Round 4413)
- He has, in the past, knocked down security officers in an attempt to take weapons or generally being a dick, including crunch times where the station was under a major threat which meant that taking weaponry from officers was not only a nuisance but a massive threat to the rounds outcome.
- A number of times he has been a borg, and ended up outright failing to follow orders or laws. This often lead to him being locked down or otherwise, but he's never had his laws actually changed. I do believe one time he got so pissy about it I removed his posi, placed it on the front desk and made him into the secretary of robotics.

In all of the described scenarios, he was not an antagonist, confirmed at round end. He has no business being this much of a hassle. Also, as stated, he will deny any allegations against him, or deny orders given to him in order to raise his case. I hope an administrator can look into this. Cheers!


yeah, he's been a massive shitter recently. I'll review this soon(tm). Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

B Chunder

I have seen and heard some of this shittery as well, i.e i was AI and he was borg i saw him blatantly ignoring requests from humans to stay out of certain areas and the such which lead to him getting locked down, although i do not remember the round this happend.