Ohagi's scatterbrained ideas log


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Welcome to a collection of dumb thoughts I've had. I find that I forget these things after a few days if I don't put them down, so why not put them in public too for some peer review?

  • This playable rat idea I just read
  • Apids have a honey sac in their abdomen - converts nutriment to honey that you can eject into a container
  • Remove miningbots from the rewards vendor and make them a companion spawn that miners can create with much less effort
  • Finish my Battle Royale map
  • Finish PollenStation - a station that has grown out of an asteroid previously used for mining. Looks very rough and repurposed.
  • Finish PetalStation - a fragile station made of floatillas that are connected with a network of space bridges and transit tubes.
  • Finish RootStation - a planetbound map, styled like an Australian coastal tourist town.
  • Add Polycrete race - sapient filter feeding worms inspired by the FTL Lanius and real world Polychaetae
  • Construction bags from tg
  • Add the bathroom crate to cargo
  • Make miner combat harder
  • Overhaul ore aquisition (lodes and mining rigs?)
  • Diversify and improve work mechs (wait for zesko mech overhaul first)
  • Add a public mining shuttle
  • Buff sentient virus with more symptoms and a greater initial flexibility.
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