[Nus127] Aussie115

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Round id 6428

Byond account and character name:Aussie115
Banning admin:Nus127]
Ban type (What are you banned from?):Game
Ban reason and length: Trying to crash server using pill factories to flood sm, Inf
Time ban was placed (including time zone):15:28 AEST
Your side of the story: Was A sandbox round and was experimenting with powering the sm using pill factories in comparison to using lasers to identify if it is more effective than lasers at increasing the power lever of the crystal (It does). Through this experimenation i went to test how it performed when running a co2 loop see how it performs, during the sm began to charge delam (Prevented the delam however ended up dieing in the process), by that point i felt the testing was conclusive and had hoped off.
Why you think you should be unbanned:
This was legitimately testing in a sandbox round with no intent to crash or adversely affect the server performance. and through running these tests i see no way in which this would crash the server or be considered trying to crash the server. Thank you
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Game Admin
I see you were testing and you had an unwanted result of getting the server's time dialation to 500%, I will reduce the ban to just 1 week since you didnt have malicious intentions it seems. Just please next time, DONT hop off the server while your running something that generates hundreds of items. Please turn off your autism project before hopping off to avoid this again ok?
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