Multiple Players - Not Following Space Law

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Your Byond name: Bacon_Enderman
Your character name: Cobalt
Their Byond name (if known): McTerra (Security Officers Unknown)
Their character name: Bruce Chunder - Javon James
Time and date: 2/9/2019
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots:

Description of the events that occurred:
I join the round about an hour and a half (1hr 30m) in. I sign up as warden and go to the armory to gear up as normal. There are other people who aren't sec in there but I don't mind for the most part, then one of them tries to disabler me, Mr Shoe I think. I disabler back, the lawyer disabled me, and tries to cuff me. I get up and use my shotgun because there's also some dude with a baseball bat hitting me. I down both of them, cuff them, and Javon James starts telling me to let him go and tells me about some stupid new 'security' because the old security was bad or something. I didn't see any other security officers in the manifest on the main screen. I let him say random shit whilst I patch up baseball bat man. More and more greytiders begin to fill the armory so I bolt down doors. Javon James and Bruce Chunder start ordering me out of the armory, then start trying to disabler me out of the armory. I barricade myself in the main armory area. Someone whips out a C4 so I assume they're all blatant Traitor sympathizers, which is 411 - Enemy of the Corporation. I switch to lethal buckshot and start shooting. Eventually I get disabled / lasered and brought out. Bruce Chunder now acting as an officer, despite being the HoP, and I assume he's the one who was handing out all access to greytiders, removes my stuff, throws me into perma with the lockdown door and then leaves. I try breaking the bed with a stool and he removes all the furniture. I then tell him to '1v1' me and he beats me whilst cuffed. After that he throws me in the cell and leaves me to bleed out for awhile until eventually both James and Bruce patch me up. A Janiborg named Bigger Borg takes me out of there and I assume tries to save me as he tried to save me in the armory earlier. I eventually die due to oxyloss.

Why you believe they should be punished:

They were both security officers, and neither were antags. This means that they broke

Terra said in Discord that he was too tired to respond to my later ahelps, but there was another admin on. I don't know if some other shit was going on but he could have delegated to them. It would've been better if they didn't respond at all to my ahelps seeing as they pulled some random rule out of nowhere about people not being obligated to do the jobs their roles are for.


Post edited to comply with naming guidelines. I'll ignore the shittery about myself and process this when I have time.


Breakdown of Events

Thankyou so very much for forcing me to scour through thousands of lines of logs to find the hard truth.
After a few hours of reading and filtering I have gained a fairly clear picture of the events and I'm afraid it doesn't look good for you especially with your history of overescalation and shitcurity. I will provide a full breakdown of events and upload IP and CID stripped logs below.

Javon James was originally a station engineer before the HoS (Secena Harrison) asked them to follow them, insisting on dragging. Javon refused to be dragged stating that he could walk fine on his own, but Secena insisted in all caps that they drag Javon, and when he continued to refuse, Secena stunned and cuffed them, stripped them and refused to state a reason for the arrest apart from something vague about a malf AI.
Ubort, a cyborg then rescued and Javon from Secena and dragged them away.

Javon approaches Bruce Chunder, the HoP and Acting Captain, complaining about mistreatment by the HoS, and together they form a plan to form a new security department they refer to as the "Federation Guard". Before any revolution actually takes place, Secena Harrison goes SSD after sending an ahelp informing 3 active admins of their departure. Because of this, Javon and Bruce have no resistance taking over security.

You arrive on station just minutes after Bruce and Javon effect their security takeover and demand to know what is going on. (Note that several other civilians are in the brig at this time, presumably after they were recruited) You refuse to accept the Acting Captain's explanation of what is going on and use stun weapons on the civilians in the brig, and when they retaliate with melee you switch to buckshots. You cease for a moment to complain about the sec officer not doing his job in an ahelp, although the "officer" is actually an engineer. You then continue to fire upon the people in security, sending multiple to critical before stripping and disposaling or otherwise removing them.

Bruce Chunder then opens fire upon you with a disabler, upon which you head to the armory and shoot the guarding secbot, taking several lasers and open fire on Javon James and Bruce Chunder the acting captain. Javon and Bruce continue to attempt to detain you with stun weapons but after extended combat finally open fire with lethal weapons. Combat continues for several minutes, with others briefly involved including a borg that was fired upon with ion bolts, someone who's character was genetically modified into Dorian Schofield with a baseball bat, and you were fired upon by Bruce the Butcher with lasers.

After all this you are finally sent to hard critical, detained and stripped before being healed in the brig infirmary by Bruce the Butcher who previously attacked you. You are healed from crit and immediately begin to shove Bruce the Butcher, who throws a flashbang, then sends you back to crit.
You ahelp again while in crit before Javon James uses brute patches to heal you back up again.

Note that during this you verbally berated everyone involved. In an attempt to defuse the situation (presumably) after seeing the ahelp, one of my admins playing as a borg removes you from security, takes you to maint and removes your cuffs. You then die in maint of oxygen damage not long after. The borg then drags you to cloning, and during this time you berate me in deadchat and send another indignant ahelp.

There are no further logs beyond this point and it is unclear if you were cloned or not, but either way nothing else of note took place for the round's remainder.

It is an understatement to say that I am upset you caused all this drama while the entire time you were at fault. I should have realized from the start based on your multiple security bans and wad of notes that would make even Headless or HASL jealous.

Based on this evidence, I will not be applying any punishment to either Javon or Bruce, and in fact they acted admirably in the situation, using stun weapons for as long as possible and healing a criminal with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder several times.

However, due to their misconduct, I will be applying a note to Secena Harrison. In addition, due to your track record I am going to apply a one (1) month security ban to you so you can take some time to carefully think about proper escalation and proper enforcement of space law. Considering all the drama caused (I didn't appreciate getting insulted in discord, ingame and even this very complaint), you should consider yourself lucky. Next time you'll be looking at a server ban.

Don't pull this shit again.

Appendix A.

Logs are posted below in a zip file, along with some filtered logs to only include relevant people.


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