Mime/Clown set kill laws to AI as non-antags. Killing them as a revenant is not a punishment.

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Game Trialmin
Your Byond name: Apple_107
Your character name: Tucker C. Lowe
Their Byond name (if known): Unknown
Their character name: Tree Talker, Master-Mime.
Time and date: ~1:30AM - ~2:00AM
Round ID: 1138 (/rounds/1138)
Logs and/or screenshots:

Clown is god, mime is god, kill everyone.
Clown/mime weren't antags
'Bruh we RPed perfectly'

Description of the events that occurred:
Join approx. 1 hour in the game to be told that the AI is hacked by the clown and mime. Supposedly, the Mime and Clown are gods. Which was what was being radio'd to us, but a hidden law (probably by verbal instruction) was to kill everyone who wasn't a mime, clown, AI or borg. Everyone is convinced they are traitors. Almost an entire station dead later they turn out to not be traitors. Claim 'It was RPed'

Why you believe they should be punished:

A. Rule 0. Rule 3. Rule 7.
Specifically went out of their way to upload a new lawset to the AI, specifically a kill lawset as non-antag.

B. Because killing them as a Revenant isn't a punishment.
Seriously Terra? Today at the same time I watched you lock down a discord channel over some mild metagaming. But two murder boning, self-antaggers are fine? Mildly disappointing. The round was making me pour on salt as it was. Insult to injury that rules aren't even enforced? This is why I reported this. I shouldn't really have to report two people who simply go out to murder everyone using the AI.

This isn't a case of people being borderline powergamers that need to get some T.E.D treatment. (cough dawson). It's two people blatantly breaking rules.


Game Master
Sorry I didn't see this sooner, in future if a complaint is unhandled for more than 48 hours, DM me on discord.

I have looked over the round logs and applied a 1-month ban to both ckeys pending their replies to this, or a ban appeal thread from them.

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