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Byond account and character name: bustertornad0
Banning admin: Mick1299
Ban type (What are you banned from?):
Admin note
Ban reason and length:
Threw a brain destroying chem smoke grenade at Central Primary Hallway, ending in the death of a botanist. They then attempted to space the body under direction of the detective. All as a non-antag
Time ban was placed (including time zone):
2020-06-05 23:37:17
Your side of the story:

There's a lot of omitted information and claims that are just outright not true in this note. First of all, this was across two rounds. The first round I actually was antag and the botanist who I threw the grenade at was my target. I'm assuming Mick saw the ahelp from the round before and thought it was the same round. As for the second round, the detective told me that the botanist was a devil, which I had pretty good reason to believe given that he was literally handing out contracts to people. I am also 100% certain it was different rounds because I distinctly remember the botanist getting shot to death before being spaced, not brain deathed.
Why you think you should be unbanned:

Ban note is outright not true. Apologies for the late appeal because I literally just realised this was in my ban notes.


Game Admin
Did some digging on statbus to start. There are a few points of the note that I can prove beyond reasonable doubt. Equally, there are a few points you raise I can disprove beyond reasonable doubt.

Firstly, you were not an antagonist for either round. Following on from this, neither round were devil rounds, they were simple traitor rounds. The two following links show all antagonists during the two rounds, note the lack of devil.

Secondly, the brain destroying grenade was thrown during round 4082. The following link shows all deaths during round 4082. Two players died from brain damage, one being a botanist. A third, a traitor chemist, was also seriously harmed with brain damage at time of death.

Now a botanist DID die from brute damage in round 4084. It is conceivable your recollection of that event was correct, including the interaction with the detective.

However, there is one piece of evidence that refutes this point rather clearly. The ban was applied during round 4084 at 23:37:17 on the 5th of June 2020, as seen in the following screenshot taken directly from your notes

If we refer back to statbus, we can see the botanist died at 00:24:46 on the 6th of june 2020, nearly an hour after the ban was applied.

In conclusion, your side of the story seems to contain a false recollection of events. That's not surprising, considering you're appealing a note from over a year ago, and have participated in what are probably thousands of rounds since.

Anything to add before I ask one of the headmins to lock this?
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