Mice as Ghost roles


Now my memory of this game is quite flawed, with many months between each time i get into it, but I do remember that on some servers they allowed ghosts to spawn as mice or drones to explore/help the station, or try to survive.

I'm just proposing mice here as I do understand that drones could be problematic to the station.

Basically just having mice as a ghost spawn option, for a bit of a different experience.

-New ghost role which is simpler to play than the others
-Basically doesn't affect anything
-Provides a different perspective on the station
-Just a simple afterlife

-Coding? (I know nothing about coding but it may be an issue)
-Possible metagaming depending on the limits placed on the critter
-If there's no cooldown could be an infinite amount of dead mice filling spaces
-Could be a nuisance

So essentially I'm just suggesting here an alternate ghost respawn as a mouse, this would add an interesting afterlife for the ghosts to still play on the station as well as still annoying the chef.

Thanks for any responses
Apologies for the bad wording (I'm writing this having just woke up and in a class that I hate but have to do)