Looks Like My Curse Worked


Looks like that curse I set on this server all those years ago came true. Dead as fuck. I guess I shouldn't be so upset. You guys are what got me into ban evading in the first place, which has actually turned out to be a REALLY useful ability. Maybe next time you shouldn't have... I don't know... permabanned me for a metal foam grenade? It's a real shame, ya know. I liked this server... before furfags invaded it. But I guess I had to, you know, put it out of its misery. Once good server ruined by badmins.

Get Rekt.

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Oh hey, it's the guy that got banned from the ss13 reddit too for falsifying and villainising our server over a grenade which killed people in 4 seconds before walling them off with metal foam. stating false reasons for the ban.