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Byond account and character name: Helloguy3953, R.A.N.D.Y.R.A.N.D.O.M
Banning admin: thelaughingbomb
Ban type (What are you banned from?): AI, Cyborg
Ban reason and length: 2 weeks, for plasmaflooding and N2O flooding as AI
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 10:55 AM, UTC+10:00
Your side of the story: I was trying to plasmaflood non-humans for fun with N2O, (I would later clean it up), but it got into the distro and started making everyone fall asleep. I tried to fix it but i was unsuccessful. With the plasmaflooding, someone changed my laws, 2 people are human. So i started plasmaflooding, and most people ended up dead. Then the ban was placed on me.
Why you think you should be unbanned:
I am sorry for the incident, since the first part wasn't all my fault. For the plasmaflooding though, i didn't realise that the people who changed my laws didn't tell me to plasmaflood. I'm not aiming to be unbanned, but i just want the Cyborg role unbanned and for the sentence to be shortened to 1 week.
Not open for further replies.