Greg Jefferson - Asshole/Incompetence

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Your Byond name: Dragon of the World
Your character name: Andy Prevatt
Their Byond name (if known): darkghost500
Their character name: Greg Jefferson
Time and date: 3:00 PM 28/07/19
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots: Sadly I don't have any screenshots or logs, because I'm writing this about two rounds later.
Description of the events that occurred: About an hour into the round (maybe more, I can't really remember) Greg decided it would be a great idea to give someone the Cellular Breakdown nanites, and without telling them what they put in them. Luckily for the person, I was the RD for the round (and also a changeling), so I ran from what I was doing, which was absorbing people in the crematorium to later cremate the bodies to leave no evidence, and quickly deleted the nanite program from the person. The person had already killed Greg, so I decided I would absorbing to see both if he was an antag, and because I hadn't reached my required genomes yet. After absorbing them, I saw no notes on what they were, or if they were even an antag (I'm assuming that their objectives show up if you absorb them, they might not though) and decided to wait till round end to see if they were one, but on the round end screen he didn't show up at all. Also, at the start of the round (not as important, but still something I want to share) he and the geneticist decided to do RnD together, when a miner showed up and asked if they could research mining tech, Greg (or his friend) simply said no, fuck off and then, when the miner had left, turned to me and said he has no idea what he's doing, and didn't even ask if I could teach him.
Why you believe they should be punished:
He tried to kill someone as a non-antag, using nanites. I also believe he was metagaming with his geneticist friend, as I mainly saw them together at the start of the round. (He also had the Geneticist's ID, and was using it instead of his own.)
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