Gamer Discord Unban - Coolsurf

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Byond account and character name: Coolsurf6#0140
Banning admin: Not sure
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Discord
Ban reason and length: Perma - "inciting violence (?)"
Time ban was placed (including time zone): Late 2020
Your side of the story: Dual banned from blowing people up during the licking PR memery.
Why you think you should be unbanned:

This is just an unban for the discord, had some talk happening and thought I would just pop back in and chill if I ever decided to come back and play some more. The ban was mostly since I was getting burnt out and tired of the game. The Licking PR was the "last straw" or at least an excuse to have some last fun with an idea I was shown (using a vape with plasma to go booom) and allow me to actually disconnect and try some other games.

The ban evasion stuff was mostly as an experiment to see if it actually worked, and it did. Shout out to Laughing for being the gamer admin and actually having the intuition to check the CIDs.

Also what is this about a austation evasion discord, sounds cringe, based and breadpilled.


Game Master
Honestly, if it wasn't for you ban evading I would have been happy to give you another chance. You've shown little to no remorse for doing so, it even sounds like you're bragging about it.

and FYI: Becoming a script kiddie doesn't count as "experimenting", anyone can ban evade but only some are dumb enough to do it
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