Dax Cooper - Being a dick (rule 0)

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Your Byond name: GothicMonkey
Your character name: Chelsea CrungleBungle
Their Byond name (if known):
Their character name:
Dax Cooper
Time and date:
28 July, Midday
Round ID:
Logs and/or screenshots: Click explosions, see the trail he left33
Description of the events that occurred:
Firstly, I understand this is during sandbox. but rule 0 still applies. We had to restart as arrivals was destoryed and we were all killed from this massive explosion, just because he could. Most of us were starting projects to do before more people logged on. I walk out of medbay and see that dax is constantly spawning fuel tanks, and made a conga line of them to fuck up the station. Again, i get it's sandbox, but this ruined any projects people had just started.
Why you believe they should be punished:
I feel like this falls in the realm of rule 0, which is the only one that applies in sandbox. It seemed like he was actively wanting to destory and ruin anything people had going. I'm ok with a bit of cheeky explosion fun, aslong as it's not near people doing stuff, and actively trying to just destory the station.
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