Dancefloor Degrader (Zack Bousum/BusterTornad0)

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Byond account and character name: bustertornad0/Zack Bousum
Banning admin: Dancefloor Degrader
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Server
Ban reason and length: Crashing the server on sandbox by detonating hundreds of syndicate bombs. Reportedly lengthened for lying to an admin (30 days)
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 17th September 2021 18:20:04
Your side of the story:

I would like to preface this by saying that being mad is not a valid excuse in any way, I am just trying to demonstrate that it is exceedingly rare for me to get into the mental state of doing this.

I had a pretty shit day and I came home pretty mad at myself, so I played some SS13 as an atmos tech to calm down. Unfortunately that had about the opposite effect, because the server kept stuttering and I misclicked my atmos holofan, opening up the tritium chamber and blowing up about an hour's worth of work outside. I still decided to just try and rebuild it, and after another maybe half an hour of painstakingly replacing, I continued building my setup, only to connect the plasma to the wrong pipe, which because of my setup would only be fixable by painstakingly unwrenching each and every pipe segment and repeatedly scrubbing the plasma. After all of that, I finally flipped out, spawned a shitton of syndicate bombs and crashed the server.

Afterwards I went onto the discord and Chocobo was saying, quote, "Server DEAD, Zack MAD". Again being an angry, dumb idiot, I didn't want to fess up to what I did and look like an idiot, so I denied it. A couple minutes later Dancefloor Degrader (aka DespressoEspresso) came in and started talking about how I hit the action speed limit before it crashed, at which point I realised "wait fuck this is serious" and admitted to what I did on the spot.

Why you think you should be unbanned: After reading through the discord messages, apparently most of the decision to give me a month ban was because I lied about it to an admin. Re-reading the messages, I see that Despresso actually did enter the chat and ask a few minutes before I admitted it, but I did not see this message. I'm aware that argument sounds like a flat out lie, so I would like to give some evidence by pointing out that I didn't respond to the message, even though I normally would've retaliated had I seen it (screenshot attached). Had I actually seen the message, I probably would've gotten mad, screamed something about "I'm not mad" and then ranted about how I blew up the server because "I hate everyone" or something stupid. To further prove that I genuinely thought I admitted to it the moment I was questioned, there are several precedents of me doing something against the rules (or thinking I did) and either admitting to it immediately, or self-ahelping.

As for the in-game part of the ban, there were only two people on the server, one of whom was me, meaning that the effect on other people's rounds was not exactly catastrophic. The ban reason says that I had done this before with stacks of cheese, and while I did make a shitton of cheese, the only people affected were people who voluntarily clicked on it after I specifically told them not to. As for the portal gun thing, I am almost 100% certain I have never done that, given that I don't even know where to get a portal gun, which you will find to be true if you search the logs for me using them.

I understand being banned, and I am sorry for what I did, however I feel that an entire month for crashing the server with one person online is overly harsh.

Screenshot of discord convo:


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I think my comment as the host is required here, since I had to to intervene and reboot the server manually. On one hand, what you did caused a multi-hour server outage until I was available to restart it, which is really pretty significant. You also have records for causing lag with mass item spawns in the past. On the other hand, this was during a sandbox round which reduces its impact.
Personally I'd think a reduction to one week would be reasonable, depending on depresso's opinion


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought there were another couple sandbox rounds afterwards? I don't recall the server going out (round is missing on statbus, but here's the discord chat). Pretty sure the round ID is 7924 since that's when I got banned.

Dancefloor Degrader

Game Admin
I think you should take whatever lostman says with a grain of salt. While you likely could have avoided all punishment by confessing immediately, it is partially my fault for not formally contacting you ingame or on disc about the incident. I did interpret your confession as a sarcastic one, so it didn't really help your case.

Crashing a sandbox round with 2-3 players isn't terribly significant, but I think you have to take into consideration that the server would have become unreachable until an admin or terra manually rebooted it. You've demonstrated knowledge of how to push the server's limits in the past, so this isn't as simple as a new player testing mechanics unknowingly.

I'll be taking the following actions in response to this appeal
[1] - Removing the "cheese and portal guns" part in the ban reason, I can't verify the round IDs and the latter was mainly hearsay, sorry about that.
[2] - As per terra's recommendation, reducing the ban length to 1 week. The server host's word is vital in these incidences.
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