Dancefloor Degrader 0a. Don't murderbone, 0b. Limit Powergaming, 1c. Incompetence

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Game Trialmin
Your Byond name: Cooliecan
Your character name: Annabelle Wilson
Their Byond name (if known): Dancefloor Degrader
Their character name: Officer Van Darkholme
Time and date: 25/March/2021 9:50pm
Round ID:

Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of the events that occurred:
Admeme spawns in power gamer gear along with two white ships filled with spiders and zombies on the station (no complaints about those) and proceeds to slaughter everyone on the escape shuttle including two blood brothers.
Why you believe they should be punished:
Doing events are cool and all, but players don't stand a chance against a fully armed Central Command Mech on an escape shuttle, no announcement that there is a death squad or anything just spawned in and straight off to murderboning.
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Dancefloor Degrader

Game Admin
Firstly, I'd like to clear up that I did not spawn myself in as the deathsquad officer, it was a ghostrole whose ckey is visible in the roundend report. Earlier in the round I had spawned myself in as an ERT officer but decided to give the role to ghosts before achieving anything of note.

As for the complaint itself I cannot say that my actions were entirely justified, but I will try to explain them as the round running its course and not abrupt admin inference ruining a greentext. To describe the events from my perspective:
1) Spawned the deltastation whiteship on top of the library, blocking the hallway in reference to recent events.
2) Removed the ship & spawned a new one near the courtroom, created an ERT to scrap the vessel and clear a path. Two ghosts take the role.
3) Dropped a syndicate bomb to assist the ERT in demolition. It is immediately stolen & detonated in science maintenance by Casey Mothwards, the blood brother of the complaining player.
4) The ERT officers are killed by Annabelle Wilson. I gib their bodies to prevent them from becoming total loot pinatas.
5) Near the end of the round, I create a deathsquad and a seraph mech. Only one ghost takes the role. As they also participated in the afromentioned ERT, I inform them that they do not remember anything from their past lives (and therefore should not attack the blood brothers unprovoked).
6) The deathsquad member, Officer Van Darkholme, boards the escape shuttle. They question a scientist, Likes-Green about what is below security. Their objective is to ensure that nobody finds the truth, and this is hinted at in command reports stating "There is no ship below security", "There is no ERT" etc. Likes-Green responds that below security is space, which Darkholme deems an acceptable answer. They proceed to the shuttle's EVA, where Annabelle and Casey are located. Darkholme asks the same question, to which Annabelle answers "A shuttle filled with zombies." They are then killed.

While the usage of a Seraph mech against Blood Brothers was admittedly excessive, I will stand by my opinion that the escalation was valid, and that there were ample opportunities to avoid being killed in this situation.


Game Admin
Was the ERT member Anabelle killed played by the same person who was piloting the seraph at the end? I would bet money that they were.

Biggest mistake was giving a player with minor grudge an incredibly powerful tool, then expecting them to actually be reasonable. They didn't 'proceed' to the shuttles EVA, they kicked the walls down and followed us in. They then ignored every bit of denial I gave them in regards to the second ship, and killed us both when Anabelle answered incorrectly.

They were fishing for an excuse to kill us both.


They were just doing their objectives by the sound of it, can't blame the ERT member for doing the objective they were assigned. Sounds as if this was a mistake on behalf of whoever gave the objectives.
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