coolsurf6/Jakc Olsen - Rule 0 Sandbox

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Your Byond name: TuRKeY91
Your character name: Triston Jones
Their Byond name (if known): Coolsurf6
Their character name: Jack Olsen
Time and date: 22/11/19-5:15pm-5:30pm
Round ID: 2515
Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of the events that occurred:

I was filling the ORM with spawned in materials. I didn't realise but there was a lot of welders on the tile underneath the materials.

Jack Olsen spawned in then proceeded to welder bomb killing me and himself. This was unprovoked as I had not spoken to him this round. This in turn created multiple delayed explosions after the initial one.


Why you believe they should be punished: Broke rule 0. Isn't the first time he's been a shitter in Sandbox rounds. Better of having their private server for shit like this, not ruining it for others. No apology either.
Not open for further replies.