Change roundstart Asimov to Crewsimov to stop shitter ais from killing non-humans

Should Asimov be changed to Crewsimov

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Melvyn bailey

Shaft Miner
Crewsimov is literally just Asimov but instead of human its crew member, plus everyone is playing snowflake races and IPC so it would help in general


Game Admin
The inability to cash in on human protection laws is just the contract you sign for the right to play snowflake races.

The only time non-humans get harmed and the silicon wasn't breaking server rules is when the AI made an honest mistake.
That sort of thing is pretty rare around here; What's the point of saying AI can harm non-humans without IC repercussion if the snowflakes races are going to complain about edge cases.

pure accident: let it slide
malicious: intent: Ahelp it

That's a no from me.


It is such a minor thing for power gamers who don't give a shit about races but is a neat change for players who want to change things up with different races. It won't bother AIs at all since it is just acting as if everyone is a human, and will mostly stop AIs who really like exploiting their laws.

Find a non-human being rude to a human and throwing empty threats, kill em. AIs can absolutely do that with asimov. I would rather have randomized lawsets rather than just 1 though.
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