Captain Wants Hacked AI 'to win anyway'. Proceeded to insult me for being salty about his inactio.

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Game Admin
Game Trialmin
Your Byond name: Apple_107
Your character name: Tucker C. Lowe
Their Byond name (if known): Not known
Their character name: Santiago 'Swigs' Pereira
Time and date: ~1:30AM - ~1:50AM 21/07/19
Round ID: 1138
Logs and/or screenshots:

Went to space, blew himself up despite being captain. Claimed he was going to blow up the AI sat
'Wanted the AI to win anyway'
As a captain, he did 'not want to deal with it'
Calls me salty in deadchat that he didn't do his job, who would've figured (Name change from spawners)
^ A bit more proof of above)

Description of the events that occurred:
Join in approx. 1 hour into the round. Quickly find out that the AI has been hacked by the clown and mime. Laws include that 'Clown is god' and 'Mime is god'. Being logical I attempted-- with a miner-- to break into the AI upload. After not being able to I asked the captain to come to the HOPline (he was the only head available of doing that.) After several calls over the radio, he claims he was busy getting explosives to blow up the AI I tell him that it'd be much easier to assign a clown with access to the AI sat to reset the laws. He does not listen, and gets locked inside the CE's office. (Found later with crew scanners)

Somewhere between then and me dying to lack of oxygen from the AI's siphoning he's managed to blow himself up and end up in the disposals chute. I was already angry and even more so when I saw this, admittedly, I was very salty.

Why you believe they should be punished:
This behavior would be acceptable in most roles. But as the Captain, it is vital that they communicate with the crew. If they are so much as to 'not care' about the station going to shit. Yes, I was very angry and salty about this. No, that shouldn't change the fact he was not doing his literal job as a captain.

Edit: apparently the mime/clown also weren't antags...
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