Bruce Chunder: Ban Appeal

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B Chunder

Byond account and character name The Orphane Snatcher/Bruce Chunder
Banning admin: Peer
Ban type (What are you banned from?): Major rolls including sec and cyborgs
Ban reason and length: Suicide and instantly logged before an admin could ping/ around two and a half weeks now. not to sure
Time ban was placed (including time zone):2019-06-19 23:07:10 | austation
Your side of the story:
Well my mum came in and told me she needed me straight away and I thought I would not be coming back anytime soon. so I killed myself and logged off. usually if I need to go I appoint a new HOS before I did, but on this occasion i did not have the time to do it.
Why you think you should be unbanned:
well it has been a while now and it was an honest error on my part and I will admit that. but I feel I have served my time and I will be a good boy now.


I've seen you wait around to appoint someone when you've needed to leave a few times before so I'll remove this ban
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