Ben Kirb, Rule 0a. Dont murderbone and 0b. Limit powergaming

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Your Byond name: Nurse
Your character name: Kay Toberly
Their Byond name (if known):
Their character name: Ben Kirb
Time and date: 10:40pm 13/04/2021
Round ID: 6986
Logs and/or screenshots:
Description of the events that occurred:
Ben kirb repeatedly uses a flame thrower and gets random people killed. Sure he kills the valid but often he will get someone else murdered in the process, often 2-3 people that are not valid will be killed at the same time. And he does this every round, he gets a firesuit and a flame thrower and runs around station with a flame thrower, if anyone is doing anything he deems suspicious he will kill them and anyone in the room with the flame thrower. In the round above I attacked ben kirb as a traitor and he used the flame thrower killing me and the clown who was not a traitor or bens target, ben was a traitor as well in this round. 2 days prior to this round he used the flame thrower on a room full of people. 3 of the 4 involved were not valid and he even left 2 of the dead there for the majority of the round claiming they were gang with no evidence besides the fact there were 20 different gang signs all in the exact same color sprayed everywhere.

I've seen him do this time and time again for the last 5-6 months. How has he managed to get away with this? There was a round when Robs was a changeling and used a plasma fire in self defense against a room full of people and he got a 2-3 day ban for it.

Why you believe they should be punished:
Running around with a flame thrower and fire proof vest is power gaming if he isnt an antag hes only doing it to kill antags and gain an advantage over other players. It kills everyone in the room except him almost every time. When lostman uses a death triggered explosive the idea is that if he kills anyone that is not a valid with it he will need to take the blame for it, how is this not the exact same but worse? I dont care if hes banned or if hes just told to stop, just tired of it.


Also come on bruh you can't just leave out the fact that literally everyone on that "gangs" round thought it was gangs, 3-4 non antags with spears and bolas breaking into sec, even dawson helped me... and you know who dawson is right? an admeme


It was actually only me and robs who broke in, the others just came in and watched. And you still just flamed everyone I dont even think you asked a question.


Yeah nah yeah he does this heaps and it's shitting me off.
Bowstache, cut out the flamethrowering, it's cringe and will get you banned if you don't stop.
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