Ben Kirb - Incompetence

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Game Master
Your Byond name: TapiocaSquid
Your character name: Antarctica Libraria
Their Byond name (if known): RainbowStache
Their character name: Ben Kirb
Time and date: 22/9/2020 - Round starting at 2:54pm
Round ID: 5171
Logs and/or screenshots: here, here, here, and here
Description of the events that occurred: I found hacked APCs pretty early on in the round and eventually got sec to realise that the AI was malf. I let them go to deal with it and then I hear that the AI is dusted, and I go back into engineering. As soon as I walk into the engine room my health drops and I realise that Ben tossed the AI into the SM. As he's an IPC, the radiation isn't really a problem for him, but it is for literally everyone else on station. I start using the radiation kit in engineering to try to cure it but it's not working.
Why you believe they should be punished: A pretty clear-cut case of incompetence, in my opinion. Ben has played IPC for a while and he should know by now that they're immune to the effects of radiation, but they can still pass those rads onto other players. Or at the very least, by opening up the SM to throw the AI in, he let radiation out into engineering, something that wouldn't bother him at all. In his quest to be a wicked cool validhunter, he caused the death of a co-worker through sheer lack of care, as well as forcing said co-worker to deal with their radiation for the rest of the round.


Game Master
from what I can see, this appears to have been an honest mistake, the radiation amount wasn't even *that* high so it seems some caution was taken. Radiation doses like that aren't a huge problem unless medical fails to upgrade sleeper/make penetic acid, which is likely why his co-worker died.


2-3 days and someone already tying to sweep me under the rug
So basically I was irradiated cause I dusted the AI, I completely forgot that I could be irradiated as an ipc, since you know I was banned for half a year or so. So calm your hate boner towards me. Have a good day!
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