Bailex/Saki Yoshida Incompetence

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Your Byond name: TapiocaSquid
Your character name: Antarctica Libraria
Their Byond name (if known):
Their character name:
Saki Yoshida
Time and date:
Round ID:
Round #3480
Description of the events that occurred: After I died trying to fight Russians from a supply shuttle loan, my body sat in the hallway, husking. Eventually someone took me to the medbay and put me in a cryotube. The AI saw me, dead, in there and told someone to get me out. Saki gets my body, first tries to revive it, despite me being quite clearly husked, then gets my brain, and makes an empty clone with only 10u Synthflesh in the cloner. Clone comes out unfinished. Saki then takes the empty clone, debrains it, stuffs my brain inside, and is surprised when they are unable to revive me. Eventually, they give up entirely, leaving my brain inside the bad empty clone's body locked in the cloning scanner.
Why you believe they should be punished:
As they were playing the RD, it's understandable that medical would be somewhat out of their field of expertise. However, given that Bailex has 422h on the server, they should have some understanding of how medical operates. I understand that Bee's a little bit different, but most things are the same. Being unable to revive me after trying for at least 15 minutes is grounds for at least some form of punishment, I would hope.


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I thought we moved from TG so that we didn't have to worry about dumbasses who don't know how to revive.


Unfortunately I can't accept this complaint for a couple of reasons.
1. The incompetence rule only covers people not knowing how to do their job, NOT someone else's, i.e. an Engineer delaminating the supermatter, or a Scientist bombing research by accident. The research director not knowing that the cloner needs synthflesh, and how to make it is not only okay from a rules perspective, it's actually valid roleplay too.
2. Players are not obligated to revive other players. As annoying as this is, we are not a roleplay server, and at the end of the day, although they might be a dickhead, they're not breaking the rules by failing to revive you. To be fair he made a good effort, going to lengths as to perform surgery, and attempt cloning multiple times before giving up.
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