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  1. terra

    Ben Kirb, Rule 0a. Dont murderbone and 0b. Limit powergaming

    Yeah nah yeah he does this heaps and it's shitting me off. Bowstache, cut out the flamethrowering, it's cringe and will get you banned if you don't stop.
  2. terra

    Dawson Admin Power Abuse

    Investigation Reviewed logs: Your first point: Dawson was actually an observer at the time, after dying. All ghosts can see all chat on the station, unless specifically disabled in the Ghost tab. Dawson saw your message and specifically re-admined to smite you, before de-admining again. This is...
  3. terra

    Dawson Admin Power Abuse

  4. terra

    TheFakeElon | Guesswho2778

    resolved, locking.
  5. terra

    TheFakeElon | Guesswho2778

    the "doris lore" link they posted didn't actually go to gulag, you made that assumption. It went to another server's channel that you certainly don't have access to. Also I didn't even know your alt got banned lol. wasn't me
  6. terra

    Sticky Ban on dynamic IP

    no worries, resolving
  7. terra

    Sticky Ban on dynamic IP

    alright, I've exempted you from the sticky ban. if you want to try and login that'd be great.
  8. terra

    Sticky Ban on dynamic IP

    hi, I'm investigating for you, one moment.
  9. terra

    Terra | Guesswho2778

    no. main reason you got banned was the constant screenshotting. I'm not letting you back in
  10. terra

    Discord Ban Appeal

    he got unbanned at some point. locking.
  11. terra

    Terra | guesswho2778

    Final warning, you've got heaps of chances for this now. Unbanned.
  12. terra

    Terra Guesswho2778

    you'd better not. ban lifted
  13. terra

    EA Snorts; Crack Cocaine

    EA Snorts; Crack Cocaine
  14. terra

    List of Great Lads

    It's enough to make a grown man cry
  15. terra

    DP metagrudging & self antaging... again

    cringe DM antagonizing tho
  16. terra

    DP metagrudging & self antaging... again

    ok so even if it's not metagrudging, this is still pretty bad griefing lol
  17. terra

    caped_candle ban appeal

    update: ban lifted
  18. terra

    caped_candle ban appeal

    I'll lift your ban tomorrow, but you'll be perma banned again if you fuck shit up locking; resolved
  19. terra

    Unjust ban from command roles.

    resolved I guess? that was a spicy read
  20. terra

    DP-banned for metagrudging

    closing and locking; resolved