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  1. coolsurf6

    Gamer Discord Unban - Coolsurf

    Byond account and character name: Coolsurf6#0140 Banning admin: Not sure Ban type (What are you banned from?): Discord Ban reason and length: Perma - "inciting violence (?)" Time ban was placed (including time zone): Late 2020 Your side of the story: Dual banned from blowing people up during the...
  2. coolsurf6

    The Orphane Snatcher/(Bruce Chunder) - 0. Don't be a dick, plasma flooding his master

    Wow, I have to actually make this. Feels fucking rude to be pointing fingers but the lad couldn't do it in a round... Your Byond name: Coolsurf6 Your character name: Lemmy-The-Lemurian Their Byond name (if known): The Orphane Snatcher Their character name: Bruce Chunder Time and date: 10pm...
  3. coolsurf6

    walterekurtz - Breaking laws as a borg, possible revenge rdm.

    Your Byond name: Coolsurf6 Your character name: Jack Olsen Their Byond name (if known): walterekurtz Their character name: Peacekeeper Android-935, Miner Android-736 Time and date: 13/11/2019 10:40PM Round ID: 2436 Logs and/or screenshots: First time they attacked me Peacekeeper Android-935...