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  1. Jelly

    Ohagi's scatterbrained ideas log

    Welcome to a collection of dumb thoughts I've had. I find that I forget these things after a few days if I don't put them down, so why not put them in public too for some peer review? This playable rat idea I just read Apids have a...
  2. Jelly

    Vladimir Schutz being an ass

    My CKey : Ohagi-Chan My Character : Holly Hiss Their CKey : Vladimir Schutz Their Character : Wallrunner Round 4556 What Happened Wallrunner was dragged into medbay to be cloned. After they were cloned, a fellow doctor asked me to patch them up as the clone was produced missing some limbs. I...
  3. Jelly

    Space Law revisited

    On occaision, myself and others have commented that Space Law does not properly reflect the crime and punishment system that our community expects to be held to. For this reason, I will be gaining feedback on which parts of Space Law players are unsatisfied with and then I will look at writing...
  4. Jelly

    Space Orks design thread

    A few members of AuStation have expressed interest in developing a a Space Orks themed race for ss13. While ultimately, nothing will ever happen until someone codes it, nobody is going to code anything until there is a plan. As a community, we need to answer the following questions: Is a...
  5. Jelly

    Features missing or different in our Bee code downstream

    This information was initially collaborated by the user Coolsurf6, with some assistance from other AuStation community members. Please know that the purpose of this list is to help players transition from TG code to Beecode by exposing some of the most obvious mechanical and gameplay...
  6. Jelly

    Mute appeal - Discord

    Discord ID: Ohagi#5719 (Shammy hiss) Ckey: Ohagi-Chan Time of mute: 5am, Dec 1 Authority: John Wick (bot) Reason for mute: chat spam "You sent the same message in a short period of time" Why I should be unmuted: The bot flagged me as chat spamming when what actually happened was that I was...