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    Ban appeal Terra

    Damn, im convinced. Un ban this man right now.
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    Dancefloor Degrader - Lacran

    The thing is people can join after you make the announcement and they wont know. Anyway setting your sat to lethal is a big no no for any asimov AI. What if there was a wormhole event and a human teleported into your sat? Whoops you broke law 1 since you valued your own life over a human...
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    Apple_107 - psychenurse

    Its not exactly common knowledge that tinfoil hats block gangs. As well as that change is relatively 'new'.
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    helloguy3953 - thelaughingbomb

    If you still dont see this as a issue under asimov then I'm definitely not reducing your role ban time.
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    The unbanning application of Ben Kirb

    Ben has been gone for a long time, they were a fairly regular player and pretty robust too. I dont have much bad things to say about Ben though since I havent been there to witness him rule breaking. If we do give him a second chance hopefully he has learned his lesson.
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    Features missing or different in our Bee code downstream

    AI doesnt have their camera hotkey. You could press control and a number 1-9 to save a location and press the number to jump to the position. Was very useful to jump across the station and their turrets can no longer target borgs. Also sentient xenos dont process reagents.