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    discord wick ban appeal (guesswho2778)

    > is rate limited > decides to send requests at a higher rate
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    [PENDING VOUCH] I'm back, the Swarly Stinson redemption story.

    *before I had a chance to rebut. or *before I had a chance to make a rebuttal. Also no one is obligated to let you argue. That's all I have to say, cheers.
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    Swarley Stinson/Headless Self Antag

    This complaint has been resolved. Locking thread.
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    Headless Gorilla' BanAppeal

    Appeal resolved, locking thread.
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    Official Stasis Bed Complaint Thread

    Okay, I think we've come to the conclusion of this discussion.
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    Screenshots from the Station

    Be me, Chief Engineer Darren Atsa. "Okay, engine setup is relatively stable, 2MW in the grid, SMES are fully upgraded and charged so we can maintain power indefinitely and.... Wait what?" "What is the hell could be using that much power? Can't be a power sink, they can't even-" *newscaster...
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    Screenshots from the Station

    Post your funny/amusing/thought provoking screenshots and logs here! Please don't post anything from ongoing rounds though.
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    Add discord reference to the site somehow

    This is officially... GONNA BE A THING! as soon as I figure out how to do fancy Discord widgets.
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    Who are BASED Admemes?

    Flatgub made our Discord icon, forum icon, and actually programs stuff... Peer set up the forums and is a leet sysadmin... For that reason they DONT'T get my vote because they put the rest of us to shame!
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    Are we ever going to get open round logs like Hippie?

    As soon as you find/make the software for it! Otherwise: it will come eventually.
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    Ban Appeal Rules

    -- Ban Appeal Rules --- Only reply to a thread if you were directly involved in the incident. Do not post a ban appeal while the round you were banned in is ongoing. Use the template below to speed up the appeal process. You may be requested to edit your post if you do not use the template. If...
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    User Complaint Rules

    --- User Complaint Rules --- Do not reply to a user complaint if you are not a staff member or directly involved in the incident. User the template below or your complaint will be dismissed. No spam, memes, images (excluding logs/screenshots) - limit your content to only include what is...
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    test post; please ignore

    yeah thats odd and an obnoxious signature
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    test post; please ignore

    test post; please ignore