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  1. muzamundi

    DP metagrudging & self antaging... again

    I am in the same boat as vinndy. Raj just annoys people nonstop and never does his job. whenever i am sec, he always annoys sec and we have to focus on him and let other shit go cause he'll just keep coming back. I have lost tots and law breakers because of Raj. he says he's just 'trolling' but...
  2. muzamundi

    Unjust ban from command roles.

    seems kinda unfair since my last ban was over and done with since my week was up. couldn't ahelp since i couldn't RECONECT to the game/server and the tab didn't show up. but you're telling me to 'deal with it' when I discussed it on the discord, tried a few fixes and still didn't work? It's no...
  3. muzamundi

    Unjust ban from command roles.

    on the 22nd I was banned from the command role for going afk. however the reason was because i couldn't rejoin since the server has gone through the major update. with the pic i attached, it shows what i could see every time i rejoined, i tried many things to fix it however it failed in the end...