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    Dawson Admin Power Abuse

    Just want to chip in here on a note unrelated to the adminbuse confusion. If it was Kay or you being complained about in this situation, you probably would have been punished. Most of what Dawson did in this complaint was reactionary to you two over-esculating in a situation where you were the...
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    TheFakeElon | Guesswho2778

    Oops, looks like that wasn't the case, my bad. I'll unban you if you agree to stop constantly posting old screenshots, no one finds it entertaining for the reasons I've already listed above. It's worth mentioning that this is your second ban appeal since your "last" warning, so I mean it when...
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    TheFakeElon | Guesswho2778

    I banned you because you promised to stop taking and posting screenshots as a condition for one of your previous ban appeals. I didn't care any more or less whether it was related to me or not, which you seem to be implying. You weren't banned because you posted a screenshot, you were banned...
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    Gamer Discord Unban - Coolsurf

    Honestly, if it wasn't for you ban evading I would have been happy to give you another chance. You've shown little to no remorse for doing so, it even sounds like you're bragging about it. and FYI: Becoming a script kiddie doesn't count as "experimenting", anyone can ban evade but only some...
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    CaptainAidan - failing to follow AI Laws

    Aiden hasn't done anything wrong by his laws, he wasn't harming the antag CE by spacing him, lawfully denying a greentext to an antagonist is not against our rules
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    caped_candle ban appeal

    I’ll ask Terra
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    CaptainAidan - failing to follow AI Laws

    Was the CE human
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    Unjust ban from command roles.

    We usually give warnings and/or investigate before jumping straight to bans. If the banning admin doesn’t have anything to say I’ll unban tonight. Please follow our ban appeal template in the future.
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    List of Great Lads

    Damn. Nostalgia
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    Slimy McGee's PermaBan appeal

    "watch this" marks the point where I cluwned him.
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    Slimy McGee's PermaBan appeal

    You refused to acknowledge what you did was wrong during the ticket, you argued that you were "just roleplaying a racist". You were taunting, showing zero respect throughout the whole ticket until you disconnected while I was explaining for the final time why roleplay isn't an excuse for...
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    Nus127 - 0. Don't be a dick

    The complaint isn't against what you bwoinked them for, it's about the hostility
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    When the crew revolts and self antags

    Dawson metagrudges everyone
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    Apple_107 - psychenurse

    Yeah I don't 100% agree with a perma for the mindshield "powergaming" alone, waiting on ruling from banning admin