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    Ohagi's scatterbrained ideas log

    Not happening. I'm not at all interested in porting lamprey or making it possible to play a 500x500 map. An easier way to do this would be to just host a VG mirror one night anyway.
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    Ohagi's scatterbrained ideas log

    I was talking to Kat today about buildable showers and they convinced me that cargo showers is better because otherwise people will spam them.
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    Ohagi's scatterbrained ideas log

    Welcome to a collection of dumb thoughts I've had. I find that I forget these things after a few days if I don't put them down, so why not put them in public too for some peer review? This playable rat idea I just read Apids have a...
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    Mice as Ghost roles

    Cool stuff. I'll add it to my list
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    caped_candle ban appeal

    You've been away for a little over 3 months. Have you played anywhere else during this time?
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    When the crew revolts and self antags

    Was the mime played by Dawson? He openly admits to metagrudging sec.
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    Bailex - Metagaming/Being a Dick.

    I don't know if Saki witnessed any ling fuckery, but I personally treat all antags as if they were only framed, if they tell me so. Coincidentally, Elon can maybe confirm he has told me that he "isn't actually a terrorist" multiple times, leading to multiple tag-teams.
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    The unbanning application of Ben Kirb

    If he's getting unbanned ingame I'll unban on Discord too, but I'll be watching. Unbanning Bowstache, but no clue which Bowstache as you are banned on Discord twice. Work out which account for yourself.
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    Vladimir Schutz being an ass

    My CKey : Ohagi-Chan My Character : Holly Hiss Their CKey : Vladimir Schutz Their Character : Wallrunner Round 4556 What Happened Wallrunner was dragged into medbay to be cloned. After they were cloned, a fellow doctor asked me to patch them up as the clone was produced missing some limbs. I...
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    Space Law revisited

    That is a valid point, that I may agree with if you're insistent. Do you believe that this is the kind of treatment that players (real people at home, not NT employees) should expect during their interactions with sec? The main purpose of this thread is to identify what parts of spacelaw...
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    Unban Skuggo

    Byond account and character name: Mcterra is idiot stinko (unknown) Banning admin: Mick1299 Ban type (What are you banned from?): AuStation Server Ban reason and length: Previously warned to change inappropriate name Indefinite Time ban was placed (including time zone): 2019-08-10 23:26:07...
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    Space Law revisited

    I personally request the following changes: Remove code 301 "Assault, Deadly Weapon" and change code 302 "Assault, Officer" to 301 > Assault in this community almost invariably results in murder, so in the few times a victim survives, it hardly matters what weapon they were attacked with. Also...
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    Space Law revisited

    On occaision, myself and others have commented that Space Law does not properly reflect the crime and punishment system that our community expects to be held to. For this reason, I will be gaining feedback on which parts of Space Law players are unsatisfied with and then I will look at writing...
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    Ban Appeal - Eldrichard

    Can you get a ref from one of the servers you've played on? If you've left these other servers voluntarily rather than being kicked, surely they can't have anything too nasty to say?