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    Gamer Discord Unban - Coolsurf

    Byond account and character name: Coolsurf6#0140 Banning admin: Not sure Ban type (What are you banned from?): Discord Ban reason and length: Perma - "inciting violence (?)" Time ban was placed (including time zone): Late 2020 Your side of the story: Dual banned from blowing people up during the...
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    The Orphane Snatcher/(Bruce Chunder) - 0. Don't be a dick, plasma flooding his master

    Wow, I have to actually make this. Feels fucking rude to be pointing fingers but the lad couldn't do it in a round... Your Byond name: Coolsurf6 Your character name: Lemmy-The-Lemurian Their Byond name (if known): The Orphane Snatcher Their character name: Bruce Chunder Time and date: 10pm...
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    Rule 0a. Don't Murderbone Job Context Virology

    They should be allowed to easily. It is stopping the crew and causing chaos. The crew can easily stop it by making chems which gives the traitor/antag time for their objectives. It is not just simply murderboning and stopping the crew from doing anything, it gives them a goal to stop it and...
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    IPC removal. kek or cringe?

    IPCs are a pretty cool change from just the regular races we used to have. If Terra reaaaaly wants the, gone, I guess we can edit them to remove that "powergamey nature" that he says they have.
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    Change roundstart Asimov to Crewsimov to stop shitter ais from killing non-humans

    It is such a minor thing for power gamers who don't give a shit about races but is a neat change for players who want to change things up with different races. It won't bother AIs at all since it is just acting as if everyone is a human, and will mostly stop AIs who really like exploiting their...
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    walterekurtz - Breaking laws as a borg, possible revenge rdm.

    Yeah, this thread can be closed. I will provide some context on how I think this started: Max Powers always plays lawyer and at one point we got into a fight and I robusted them with security and they were taken to security. They were then killed by a changeling cause they were knocked out or...
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    walterekurtz - Breaking laws as a borg, possible revenge rdm.

    Your Byond name: Coolsurf6 Your character name: Jack Olsen Their Byond name (if known): walterekurtz Their character name: Peacekeeper Android-935, Miner Android-736 Time and date: 13/11/2019 10:40PM Round ID: 2436 Logs and/or screenshots: First time they attacked me Peacekeeper Android-935...