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    Discord Ban Appeal

    no template, this cringe no directional post has no meaning until a template is made, i cannot even read a word that has been written as it is without proper structure and there fore my eyes only see a blur and that means the mods will see the same as well.
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    List of Great Lads

    apple boyer is one, taught me how to do medical when i was starting out about 15 months ago. and Dorian Schofield god rest his soul where ever he may be.
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    Debbi Alice - Joins as Hop, gives self all access, loots armoury and captains office

    bruh, no template is pretty cringe, not cash money.
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    The Orphane Snatcher/(Bruce Chunder) - 0. Don't be a dick, plasma flooding his master

    well i do know what happend, first off i was already an antag, second my number one goal was hijack the ship with no loyalist on it and i did double check my goals to make sure your goals did not overrule mine, they did not your goals came secondary to mine, thirdly i did state this fact at the...
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    Lobby Music Suggestions / Music sharing

    8 bit is the future
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    Vladimir Schutz being an ass

    HA! i remember this he just would not chill long enough for me to fix his eyes he wanted you dead, i was a paramedic that was trying to stop him from killing you and causing the 3 people that you were working on to not be revived, i did come in late round so i cant be sure of what happend to him...
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    Rule 0a. Don't Murderbone Job Context Virology

    its pretty hard to make a good virus and if a traitor is the virologist and ends up making one he will be lynched anyways so if you are willing to spend 40 minutes making the perfect virus that could be cured and it will give you away after released i say its fair game, but it should only apply...
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    Osmund Hoenshell - Massive hassle towards command staff and security for no good reason

    I have seen and heard some of this shittery as well, i.e i was AI and he was borg i saw him blatantly ignoring requests from humans to stay out of certain areas and the such which lead to him getting locked down, although i do not remember the round this happend.
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    Bruce Chunder: Ban Appeal

    Cheers, thanks man
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    Bruce Chunder: Ban Appeal

    Byond account and character name The Orphane Snatcher/Bruce Chunder Banning admin: Peer Ban type (What are you banned from?): Major rolls including sec and cyborgs Ban reason and length: Suicide and instantly logged before an admin could ping/ around two and a half weeks now. not to sure Time...